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Cedar Fever!

Moore/Andersson Compound & Burns House

We are so grateful for those who've contributed thus far! Thank you!

Moore/Andersson Compound Project

Centerbrook Architects & Planners CENTERBROOK

Sinclair Black AUSTIN

Larry & Roberta Wright AUSTIN

Jim & Sandy Righter BOSTON

Tess & Greg Peters AUSTIN

Aisha Ainsworth AUSTIN

Nan Kinzler AUSTIN

George Elliman AUSTIN

Beth Goff-McMillan AUSTIN

Robert Meckfessel DALLAS

Rebecca Leonard & Steven Spears AUSTIN

David Harrison PALM BEACH

Lindsay Whorton & Amanda Siepiola AUSTIN

McInturff Architects LLC BETHESDA

Constantine Vasilios CHICAGO

Jacob Albert BOSTON

Diana Keller AUSTIN

Burns House Project

Jeanne Chen & Bob Dolbinski SANTA MONICA

Robert Geering SAN FRANCISCO

Shev Rush NEW YORK

Dennis Whelan UCLA Class of 1983: SANTA BARBARA

Bill & Keiko Sasaki Spade UCLA Class of 1983: NEW YORK

Barbara Russell-Willett UCLA Class of 1983: PORTSMOUTH

Eileen Liebman UCLA Class of 1983: BARCELONA

Cynthia Hirschhorn UCLA Class of 1983: LOS ANGELES


In July 2023, Foundation Director Kevin Keim began the careful reconstruction of the massive arbor that spans the courtyard and water tank in the center of the Moore/Andersson Compound.

The difficult Phase 1 involved the removal of the deteriorated 2x8 beams so the 40 massive Cypress 8"x8"x10' posts could be made plumb once again. All this had to be done while everything above was braced up against gravity!

Phase 2 will be technically easier, but requires a SIGNIFICANT amount of Western Red Cedar timber.

While we're at it with Western Red Cedar in Austin, we are also planning the next preservation project at the Burns House in Santa Monica Canyon. This project involves the reconstruction of the deteriorated gates and the construction of a new trellis to screen views to a neighboring property.

To keep costs to a minimum, Kevin does virtually all of the restoration work himself. So contributions for materials really do make a difference.


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