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The Charles Moore Foundation's preservation projects and educational programs depend on the generous support of people and organizations all over the world.


We are so grateful for everyone's interest in our work!


Door Hardware

Door Hardware

Charles Moore often specified Allegion's Schlage brushed bronze knobs and locks. 

We are so grateful that Allegion has contributed full sets to replace all of the hardware in both Austin and Santa Monica Canyon. 

Burns House

Burns House

Steinway & Sons Piano Cover


The renowned Finnish company, Marimekko, will be contributing textiles for a special cover for the Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano.

Moore/Andersson Compund

Courtyard & East Elevation Preservation

James Hardie has generously contributed all of the surface panels and trim we will need to restore the compound's East Elevation. Once the work starts, we will share how these materials will significantly extend the architecture's longevity.


Moore/Andersson Compund

Courtyard Preservation

KebonyUSA has contributed its fine timber for the important courtyard restoration project. 

Alex & Robbie Robinette also contributed Kebony timber after they completed their spectacular new home project.

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