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On the Cusp of a Preservation Milestone!
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This summer we will be restoring the South Elevation. The Gordon & Llura Gund Foundation has made a lead contribution for this project. And James Hardie has contributed their durable siding and dimensional materials for the casements. This material will dramatically increase the lifespan of this preservation work.

Once completed, we will have restored the ENTIRE exterior envelope of the Moore Andersson Compound. Over the past 15 years, we have restored 30 separate elevations, (34 if we count the pool elevations), the courtyard, arbor, and elaborate deck; the roof, and 43 windows. Oh, and the timber parking structure too.

The South Elevation Projects has 3 sections: Main Studio (Colin Rowe Library), Barn Door Entry, Cube Loft & Andersson House.

This work requires several layers:

- Repair of cracked block & stucco skirt wall.

- Replacement of 3/8" plywood siding with Hardie panel.

- Replacement of wood trim, fascias, and soffits with Hardie materials.

- Replacement of 10 casement windows.

- Fabrication of new Hardie casement frames in our Preservation Workshop.

- Replacement of wood battens.

- Caulking and painting.

- Reconstruction of limestone block wall.

- Construction of a timber post-and-beam frame and roof extension to provide shade and water-shedding for the problematic entry area.

Item Costs


Each Casement Window: $750 

Total Needed 10: $7500

Soffit Material (Perforated panels and vents)  $250

Paint ($65)

Needed: 6 Gallons ($390)

Hardware: $250

Custom Galvalume Gutter and Downspout: $1250

Custom Galvalume Flashing: $400

Western Red Cedar Posts and Beams: $1200


Fiberglass Roof Panel $100

Needed: 4 ($400)

Galvanized Roof Panel $80

Needed: 2 ($160)

Concrete Repair and Footing Materials $500

Skilled Labor: $500 per day

Needed 20 days ($10,000)


Note: Director Kevin Keim has already constructed the new barn door. He is also doing the work to remove the trellis, clear vegetation, dismantle & excavate the raised garden bed.

How Do We Accomplish Our Preservation Projects?

We like to think of them as latter-day barnraising events. 

Instead of asking people to come and actually build our "barn" (which is not really possible given the complex layers), we ask the community to pitch in by funding the costs of material and skilled labor.

You may have also noticed the Director, Kevin Keim, does a significant amount of the labor with his own hands. (And back!)

EVERY level of contribution makes a BIG difference, whether for a complete window or a gallon of paint.

I'd Love to Contribute!

The Charles Moore Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Contributions are tax-deductible according to law.

Contribution Method

Or use PayPal...

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Please mail checks to:

Charles Moore Foundation
2102 Quarry Road
Austin, Texas  78703

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An Acknowledgment Will Follow.

Thank You!

Years of Progress

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