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Solar Power

Moore/Andersson Compound


Charles Moore was a master of designing complex roofs that fold, origami-like, over even more complex volumes within.

Now that we have replaced the exposed fastener Texas rib metal roof over the Compound's core (and improved the insulation), it is now time to design a solar power system.

Harnessing the copious sunlight in Austin will dramatically reduce our burden on the electric grid, and might even produce an energy surplus.

Our goal? To regard this as a project that will respect the Compound's design integrity, but also add a new "layer" creatively to make the place more interesting and compelling.

Given that trustworthy information about solar panel manufacturers seems difficult to find, we are seeking advice from architects and builders about the best, most dependable systems.

And we would love to partner with a technology company.


Wouldn't a solar retrofit of a world famous set of architectural landmarks offer a compelling story—in print and social media?

Please email Kevin Keim if you'd be able to lend a hand!

I'd Love to Contribute to the Solar Power Project!

The Charles Moore Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Contributions are tax-deductible according to law.

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