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After Charles Moore died in 1993, many efforts arose around in the United States to celebrate and extend his legacy. In Berkeley, a student fellowship was funded, and the MLTW Archive was set up at the Environmental Design Archives. In Los Angeles, a travel scholarship for students was funded at the University of California Los Angeles. In New Haven, archival collections from Moore Grover Harper and Centerbrook were safeguarded at the Yale University Library. In Ann Arbor, a Charles Moore Visiting Professorship was established at the University of Michigan. Throughout the world, there have been exhibitions and an ever increasing interest in scholarly work.

And in Austin, the Charles Moore Foundation became the central project in the United States, a campaign to preserve Charles Moore's last home, studio, collections, archives, and library, a place known as the Moore/Andersson Compound. 

Today, the non-profit Charles Moore Foundation owns and cares for the Moore/Andersson Compound, where it preserves the architecture, landscape, libraries, and collections—all as a living place where residents from around the world can come to live, work, and study. The Charles Moore Archive—the central holding of Moore's vast body of work—is administered and housed at the University of Texas Alexander Architectural Archive.

In the midst of the pandemic, 2021 turned out to be a year of dramatic expansion for the Foundation.

That year, two architecture enthusiasts worked with the Foundation's Director to purchase Charles Moore's iconic Unit #9 at The Sea Ranch from Moore's family, who had with great care preserved the place since Moore's passing. The philanthropists then contributed the Condominium's Title & Deed to the Charles Moore Foundation as a part of a Living Trust, guaranteeing its permanent preservation.

The same year, Charles Moore's first Los Angeles house client, Leland Burns, passed away. As a result of a long friendship and collaboration with the Director, Burns bequeathed his landmark Charles Moore house to the Foundation. Since the house accommodates a world class tracker organ, it will be a place dedicated to residencies in architecture and music.

Moore/Andersson Compound

Austin, Texas

Unit #9, The Sea Ranch Condominium

Sonoma County, California


Burns House

Santa Monica Canyon (Los Angeles), California

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