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Condominium One
MLTW Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker

Before the building was completed in 1965, Charles Moore purchased Unit #9, on the structure's northwest corner. This iconic space was Moore's retreat, where generations of colleagues gathered with him to relax, write, and work on projects.

In 2021, two architectural enthusiasts purchased Unit #9 from Moore's nephews and contributed the deed to the Charles Moore Foundation, ensuring its preservation.


The Sea Ranch: Origins

Saturday, July 29

Kevin Keim will speak about the origins and founding principles of The Sea Ranch, so that new members of the community can learn more about what makes this place enduringly special.

Reading Material

Toward Making Places

Toward Making Places is a 1962 essay that Charles Moore, Donlyn Lyndon, Sim Van der Ryn, and Patrick Quinn wrote in 1962. J.B. Jackson, a cultural and landscape historian of great influence, published the essay in his journal, Landscape.


This essay is among the earliest and clearest statements about the set of ideas that underscored the work of MLTW Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker, who were in the midst of designing The Sea Ranch Condominium One, both swim clubs, and many houses.


The Music Hall in the Burns House centers on an instrument unique in the world. In 1969, Lee Burns commissioned the eminent German organ builder Jürgen Ahrend to design and construct a 546-pipe instrument based on Baroque precedents.

In 2022, the master organ builders Manuel Rosales and Greg Harold fully restored the organ.

And the same year, Richard Konecky contributed a fine Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano to the Charles Moore Foundation.

Leland Burns Fellowship Inaugural Celebration

Saturday, August 5th

To celebrate the Leland Burns Fellowship, the Charles Moore Foundation will welcome visitors to the Burns House.

Andrew Nethsingha will speak about his experience directing the music program for the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Ian Pritchard of the Colburn Conservatory, an acclaimed organist and harpsichord who specializes in historic keyboard techniques, will then play the Ahrend-Brunzema Organ. The program will center on the 400th Anniversary of the English composer William Byrd.

Leland Burns, who bequeathed the Burns House to the Charles Moore Foundation, also established a Fellowship in collaboration with St. John's College at Cambridge University.

Every year, musicians, composers, conductors, musicologists and scholars from anywhere in the world will be able to apply for the Fellowship. The recipient will be able to spend 2 months at the Burns House.


Burns House


We are so pleased to welcome the first Leland Burns Fellow to the Burns House.

Andrew Nethsingha is an eminent musician and choral conductor. Recently appointed the Organist and Master of the Choristers at Westminster Abbey, Nethsingha directed the music program for the Coronation.


Andrew will serve as the Leland Burns Fellowship's first Chairman. Every year, he will convene colleagues to select the winner of a Burns House Residency. Musicians, composers, conductors, musicologists and scholars from anywhere in the world will be able to apply.


As we develop the application process, we will post more information.


Burns House

April-May 2023

The Burns House welcomes a new resident, the architectural curator and scholar, Wim De Wit.

Burns House

Headlands Center for the Arts

March 3, 2023

Burns House residents Brook Lane and Evans Hankey will host a dinner in support of the non-profit Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin County, California.

Moore/Andersson Compound

Doreen Gehry Nelson

March 8, 2023

The Charles Moore Foundation welcome the education pioneer Doreen Gehry Nelson for a presentation and book signing.

Burns House

Royal Institute of British Architects

March 22, 2023

Buzz Yudell, founding partner of Moore Ruble Yudell (and Burns House neighbor) will be hosting a dinner for the Royal Institute of British Architects Library Foundation.

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